Hi I am Brian Murphy

Staff Analyst

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What I do

Data Analysis and Visualization

Expierenced using Excel, Adobe Acrobat DC, and other tools to generate concise, detailed reports and visualizations for supervisors and high-ranking members within local goverment.

Programming and Machine Learning

Knowledgable in a number of coding languages, including Python, C#, and SQL. Used tools such as Sci-Kit Learn, Selenium, and SQL Server for machine learning modeling, web scraping, and database setup.

Service and Support

Both at work and outside of it, able to effectively communicate with stakeholders of all levels of experience for collaborating in projects and learning opprotunities.

My Work

Who I am

Government employee and data and technology enthusaist

I believe that technology can be used for the public good, and the importance of data. While working full time for the New York City government, I earned my Bachelor's in Computer Science, where I learned C++ and the foundations of programming. This allowed me to learn Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Microsoft Access for work, using both to generate detailed reports. I am self taught in Python, having used it in web scraping and machine learning.

Outside of work, I have an interest in Machine Learning, coding, and helping others learn. I attened and helped organize one group, where I helped others with coding problems and faciliated disscussions. This includes being part of the Machine Learning study group, where I led discussion for several months.

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My Work

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